Eskimo Rolling I: Hip Snaps and Bracing

Learn the art of Eskimo rolling!  Whether you’ve been paddling for years or just a few months,  mastering a reliable roll is an essential step in every paddler’s development.   Knowing how to roll will improve your confidence, comfort, and safety on the water.

Our 2-hour roll clinics will give paddlers a solid grasp of the fundamental skills necessary for the learning the Eskimo Roll.  In Eskimo Rolling I students will learn how to safely exit a capsized kayak, then develop an effective hip-snap for righting an overturned boat.  Participants then learn to perform an Eskimo Bow Rescue (both as a rescuer and rescuee). The course finishes up with the proper body mechanics for safe and reliable high braces.

With these skills in place, participants are ready the next course in our Eskimo Rolling sequence: Eskimo Rolling II: Over and Up!

Instructor-Student Ratio:  1:6

Prerequisites: None, although comfort in an "inverted underwater position" is a must!

Dates & Times:

Location: Lakewood High School Pool -- Lakewood, OH
Category: Basic Courses
Rating: Level 1

Cost: $60.00

Sold Out!

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