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101 Sea Kayak Essentials


Sea Kayak Essentials


This full-day course introduces students to the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to safely enjoy the sport of sea kayaking in the near shore environment (waves < 1ft; winds

This course is taught according to the standards outlined in the American Canoe Association's Level 2 and Level 3 Coastal Kayak curriculum.  Click here for a detailed outline.

Strokes taught and practiced in this course

  • Forward; reverse; emergency stopping; low bracing; sweep strokes; pivot turns; draws;  edging (i.e., J-leans) for both balance and maneuvering.

Rescue skills typically taught and practiced in this course:

  • How to safely enter and exit a kayak from shore;  deep water capsizes (i.e., wet exits with a spray skirt);  assisted reentry in deep water (e.g., the T rescue and drain);  solo reentry in deep water (e.g., scramble reentry;  paddlefloat-assisted reentry); rafting for support; contact towing.


  • None.  Just a willingness to get challenge yourself and get wet! 

Instructor: Student Ratio:



14 and over only, please.

Essential Eligibility Criteria:

In order to participate in this course, each participant must satisfy the following essential eligibility criteria:

  • Be able to independently participate in all individual skills and activities listed in the course outline while also maintaining an appropriate and safe body position
  • Be able to hold their breath while under water and, while in the water wearing a properly fitted life jacket, be able to independently turn from a face down to a face up position keeping their head above water
  • Be able to effectively communicate with the instructor and other course participants
  • Be able to manage all personal care independently, or with the assistance of a companion
  • Be able to manage all personal mobility independently, or with the assistance of a companion

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This course takes place at LaDue Reservoir, located approximately 35 minutes east of Cleveland.   Detailed driving instructions will be send to participants after registration.